Strawberry Artisan Soap

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This soap marks the start of a new line of top quality ARTisan soaps made with natural colorants! Our strawberry soap is colored using Moroccan lava clay and French green clay to give it the red and green layers. We've also added poppy seeds to the red layer to resemble the seeds of the strawberry but also exfoliate the skin. Scented in strawberry fragrance and we've also altered the base recipe to include shea butter. As this soaps exfoliates and glides over the skin it also moisturizes and reduces the appearance of scars, super helpful for stretch marks! The juicy fragrance will make you want to eat the soap but we do not recommend that!

Eczema is a skin condition where the skin becomes irritated or inflamed. The healing and moisturizing properties of shea butter make an excellent topical treatment for eczema. It can be applied liberally to the affected area daily. The anti-inflammatory properties provide needed relief and the nutrients in shea butter help promote healthy skin cell re-growth. Stretch marks often occur during pregnancy but can occur after rapid weight gain. Shea butter helps to smooth the skin and keep it hydrated naturally. Research into shea butter has shown that it can help boost collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Eczema and Psoriasis are common skin disorders. Eczema is characterized by inflammation and redness while psoriasis is a disorder that triggers faster build-up of dead skin cells. These skin conditions could be treated with French green clay.

140g/4oz bar