Neroli Essential Oil Soap

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This special bar is made up of a balance of oils and Rose Kaolin Clay formulated for a luxurious and slick bar of soap. Made with a special blend of Organic Coconut, Olive, Sunflower Seed and Avocado oil and scented in Neroli Fragrance! This soap with its delicate leafy orange smell and sleek off white and pink appearance due to the rose kaolin clay is a great moisturizing soap bar.

The first benefits of rose kaolin clay is to gently cleanse the skin while improving the skin’s circulation. Since kaolin clay is really gentle, it’s suitable for any skin type.  It’s so gentle that we can use it as a daily facial cleanser and to replace our chemical beauty products. Not only does it cleanse the skin surface, it also help detoxifies the skin deeply. Detoxification, the activity of detoxifying, is very important for the skin. Is cleansing not enough? Detoxifying works by pulling impurities from the skin pores.

Avocado oil for skin not only moisturizes your skin but also cleans grime and dirt from your face and gives you fresh, clean and healthy looking skin.
When you apply avocado oil on your skin, it enhances the collagen production which is required for the skin to look plump and healthy.

This is a 140g/4oz bar that will last a month with proper care.

All our soaps are plastic free, sustainably sourced, vegan and cruelty free. We are a brand committed to being environmentally conscious and responsible. If you would like to know more about our commitment to being sustainable and helping our community, please visit our homepage, blog or social media.